An Interactive Learning Experience


A short, sharp 20-30 minute presentation modeled after Ted Talks.


A moderated discussion featuring 4-5 panelists examining one topic from multiple perspectives.

Case Study:

A fresh & innovative initiative from an HR practitioner with actionable insights.

Task Force:

A facilitated working group of 15-20 people. The facilitator presents a challenge and works with the participants to identify 3-5 specific strategies/takeaways that each person can implement at their office to leverage new trends and best practices.


An interactive session in which the workshop leader walks the audience through a process.

Help Huddle:

A 10 minute audience discussion in small groups in response to a question or challenge posted by the preceding panel or case study. The panel or case study speakers will mingle among the groups to answer questions or guide discussion.


Small group facilitated discussion with 10-15 participants per table on a specific topic.


Exclusive, invitation-only small group discussion in a private room on pressing topics. For our most senior-level attendees.

Meet Ups:

Relaxed, un-moderated discussions with attendees in your industry.