ConMed Has Been Named One of the World's Best Places to Work for 2019

Most brands with a modicum of common sense understand that a happy workforce produces better results than one which feels the whips of their masters at their backs.

A worrying 61 percent of employees have admitted they feel burnt out in their jobs. This has a massive effect on the bottom line of businesses, with disengaged employees estimated to cost US companies around $550 billion per year. On the other end of the scale, 89% of workers at companies which have well-being initiatives in place are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work, and employees who feel their employer is interested in and listens to their views are nearly five times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work.

ConMed understands the importance of nurturing a happy workforce and has recently been named one of 2019's best places to work.

MedRep Best Places to Work Survey

The MedRep Best Places to Work awards seek to evaluate medical sales companies and find out which are the most desirable employers. The assessment process takes the form of a detailed survey which gives medical sales professionals space to share their opinion of what it's like to work in the industry today, what they value in an employer, and where they would most like to work based on their own experiences.

The survey for 2019's poll was sent out in October 2018 and more than 800 medical salespeople responded with their views. 81 percent of those were currently employed in the industry, mostly in field sales or sales management.

"The 8th Annual Best Places to Work in Medical Sales survey polled over 800 professionals from the MedReps community to determine which medical sales employers are currently the most sought-after in the industry," said MedReps in a press release. "The survey results revealed what qualities and values are most important, leading respondents to vote for their favorite company. A few of those values include work-life balance (82 percent), team building and collaboration (54 percent), and a solid product line (41 percent)."

64 percent of participants voted for their current employer, while the remainder - both employed and unemployed - cast their vote based on the company they most desired to work for. When all the results were in, ConMed was named as one of the top three places to work in the industry.


The most common point made in ConMed's favor was the company's strong focus on corporate culture, with the strength of its products coming in second. This illustrates that medical salespeople want to work in a positive environment and sell quality products which make a real impact in the lives of those patients who need them.

Only nine percent of respondents stated salary as the reason for their choice, indicating that, while remuneration is obviously important, it's not the deciding factor which leads to medical sales professionals choosing a company to work for.

"One of our core beliefs is that engaged talent is essential to perpetuating our success," said Talent Acquisition Manager at ConMed, Lisa McCallister. "That is why our new career slogan is, where you make your passion your profession. We want our employees to come to work every day excited about doing their best work and having a positive impact. Together we are determined to win in the marketplace by providing great solutions for the patients we serve. This combination of our determination and desire is exciting and meaningful and, as we grow, this creates more opportunities for people to grow."

An engaged corporate culture and a focus on fantastic quality products help ConMed employees feel passionate about what they do. We've all worked in a job before where we just don't believe in what we're doing, and each day feels like a slog where you're just working for the weekend and your next paycheck. As the research quoted earlier in this article highlights, employees who feel engaged with their company produce better work, and this is what ConMed has focused on to earn its place at the top of the pile.

Final Thoughts

Brands all over the industry could take a page from ConMed's book and make sure their own employees are passionate, driven individuals who are eager to give their all. Start building an engaged and passionate culture for your brand and you'll see the results in your bottom line.

"ConMed promotes an engaging employee culture that allows everyone to do the work they love and make an impact," said Talent Acquisition Specialist for ConMed, Erica Flynn. "We work together and are always reminded that the work we do is truly benefitting the lives of others."

You can hear ConMed speak on the hot topics in the industry at HR Life Sciences 2019, taking places this December in San Diego, CA.

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